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Who am I?

I realize I haven't really done one of these posts, and I do have this page linked from places, so I'll scoop my paizo profile and put it in here:

I once beat Zeb Cook in a Greyhawk Trivia Contest. I lived on a desert island for two years while I was an officer in the US Air Force. I like to brew my own beer, make my own chinese food, and fence saber; although I do none of these as much as I would like anymore. Premises guarded by man with shotgun three nights a week-- you guess the nights. While D&D's a first love, Ars Magica is swiftly becoming a greatest love and Cthulhutech my secret mistress. L5R taught me you can lose initiative without ever needing to roll and I like the old-school vibe of Savage Worlds. I'm good for 4E, but it depends on the DM. Pathfinder remains a hearty staple. :)
Once upon a time, I wrote a few adventures for Living Greyhawk, primarily for Keoland, Ulek, and the Sheldomar Valley. You can find my work in issue #7 of Kobold Quarterly, I wrote "Dwarven Airships" and the web supplements, "Templeforge Skycasters," "More Dwarven Airships," "Action:Skill Challenge (4E)," "Action:Failure (4E)," "The Frostfang Yeti (4E)," ] "The Deathspittle Bombardier (4E)," and the deadly "Passage of Devouring Waters." My entry for King of the Monsters was Kankodraa, Scion of Dagon. I wrote "Ticking Hounds and Clockwork Hunters" in issue #10. They've let me review books for issue #16, #17, and #20, and issue #17 also had my piece on trophy heads. The website won the Silver ENnie and the magazine won both the Gold for Best Writing and the Silver for Best Accessory, all in 2009. The website won the Gold for Best Blog in 2010. I also did a piece on 4E fumbles for Enworld, but you'll need to be a subscriber to see it. Or ask me.

You can find my work in the ENnie-winning (2009 Silver for the E-book!) Tales of Zobeck, where I wrote "Redcloak Ruckus." I've even got a bit in the OGL Zobeck Gazetteer. I worked on Halls of the Mountain King, where I wrote "Roots of Madness," contributed to and playtested other portions. I completed the 4E conversion for "Roots," "Grand Lodge," "Dark was the Night," and "Deeper Darkness" chapters of HotMK. I also contributed to the Pathfinder conversion of Imperial Gazetteer,where I hammered away at mechanical bits like spells and items, flavor text and stat blocks for the monsters, and (in a point of special pride) designed the PC darakhul option. I contributed to both Courts of the Shadowfey and the web supplement-- I think Knuckletooth's one of my favorite characters, and keep an eye out for the conversion. I wrote the dreamburning mechanics in Coliseum Morpheuon, I was the designer for Breaking of Forstor Nagar, I wrote "Grandmother's Fire" for Tales of the Old Margreve, I designed the Aware Arcana in the Book of Monster Templates and wrote a Pathfinder anthology of urban crime/steampunk/noir adventures, Streets of Zobeck (2012 GOLD Ennie for Best Adventure!) and its web supplement. If you sit on the side of the screen without all the enjoyable art, you might want to take a look at 101 Boons, a project I spun up for Rite Publishing and Pathfinder, but it could translate to other fantasy systems with very little heartache. I worked with the incomparable Matt Banach and Clinton Boomer on a 5-room dungeon intended to complement Coliseum Morpheuon. Think of it like Pathfinder Inception. I contributed a good deal to (and in particular, most of the stat blocks) the new Pathfinder Zobeck Gazetteer. Zobeck's almost like a second home to me at this point. ;) I've got a good six spells 1001 Spells, which was a little something. You can also find at least a baker's dozen of my handiwork in the Midgard Bestiary. I helped with some editing and conversions for Adventure Quarterly #1. I contributed some bits and pieces to the Midgard Campaign Setting and the huginn(tengu) bloodline in their FREE preview. I was the developer for Journeys to the West and led _The Pirates of the Western Seas_. I've been quietly guiding _The Martial Arts Guidebook_ for Rite Publishing, and picked up leadership for _Legends of Midgard_ and _Midgard Tales_, where I wrote "To Resurrect the Steigenadler." I've been playing around at custom work in HeroLab, too, but we'll see how that works.

Although not out until January 2013, I'm quite proud of my RPGSuperstar-disqualifying work in the upcoming hardcover(!) of Ars Magica's Antagonists. It's a book that could translate to any fantasy RPG, though, just in case you're curious.

I've also contributed to/helped edit issues #1-11 of  Sub Rosa Magazine, an Ars Magica fanzine for Fifth Edition. Issue #8 even includes an interview I happily conducted with Paizo's Lisa Stevens. I've completed work on two undisclosed projects in playtest, and another in design.

I love reviews; I think they're a great way to provide feedback and share what you thought about a particular project. However, I like reviews more when they're well written. What constitutes "well written?" I've ranted about that over here.
If you dig Middle Earth, you might enjoy these machinima episodes I wrote. Here's the first, the second, or the third. They were a lot of fun to write and have a combined total of about 2.3 million views.

Soooo. That's what I've done, more or less, in the last 5 years of trying to write RPG supplements as a hobby. :) And it's probably how you ended up here.

I don't write here frequently, because, well, I'm writing projects. But if you've got a question, ask.



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Nov. 7th, 2012 07:13 pm (UTC)
Wow! I knew you'd written a lot of stuff but didn't know just how much or about the Living Greyhawk things. Or the air force!
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