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(Reposted from Paizo.com)

I loved the first year of the Ultimates... Ok, I read through Kick-Ass, despite the storyline. I'm all for helping someone experiment with a story concept, and it had a "what if a normal kid tried this" vibe.

And today I picked up Nemesis.


I'm nearly at a loss for words to properly describe this steaming scrambled poop sandwich.

Imagine someone decided Batman needed to be not only evil but violently psychopathic. Now, because it's "opposite and therefore cool," evil-Batman is clothed in *white*. He then proceeds on a senseless, gore-filled rampage that culminates in the comic-book-President of the US kneeling, cut and mangled, during a pirated television broadcast.


BECAUSE! F$&% YEAH! *fistpump*fistpump*

This feels like the aborted initial attempt of a junior high roleplaying group saying, "Less do uh eeeeeevil game, guysh."  And then their characters kill each other in a dispute over who gets to ride the black horse.

Seriously. I do not need to spend $2.99 to be reminded we're 9 meals from anarchy and the world's a terrible place. Thanks, but no. Just in case you were considering it, I'd vote to pass on this one. It doesn't even get the redeeming value of clever dialogue or an intriguing initial premise that'd I get from Warren Ellis (whose _No Hero_ was graphic, violent, and yet considered the price one was willing to pay for power or whose _Supergod_ explores the dangers in man seeking apotheosis.). Millar just seems to freebase a slurry of wanton destruction and profanity, then gratuitously splatter-vomit it back on the page while Du Hast* plays in the background with the volume cranked to 11.

*With apologies to Rammstein.


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Apr. 16th, 2011 09:23 pm (UTC)
13 year olds playing at "EBIL CHARBACTERS!" is exactly right.
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