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Tomorrow, at O-dark-thirty, I'll be off to the airport and on my way to Gencon, where I intend to be covered in the gory bits of Cthulhutech and Pathfinder for a full five days. :)


I wanted to take a moment to bring up a project. Not my project, Streets of Zobeck-- though I'd love to have all three of you who read this blog sign up... but this one:

Aruneus, Zombies rise. Heroes die. A High Fantasy, Post-apocalyptic RPG project.

Why am I telling you to sign up for this here? Why not pimp my project? Because I've been pimping Streets quite a bit over teh intarwebs, here and here. And I'm going to Gencon, where I will be ninja stealth flyer distributing all week. Maybe. Could be. You can't prove it. And I know these guys won't exactly be doing the same. Who are they?

It's being run by Ben Gerber, who's a great reviewer on RPGnet and a designer with quite a few PDF products over on RPG Drivethru.

I've already picked up a couple of his PDFs and the world has a great vibe to it and does a good job of working in the horror aspects of a zombie apocalypse into a fantasy world. This may just scratch my zombie survival game itch without forcing me to run d20 modern. :D

But he needs about $480 to make it go. I'm looking at kicking in a little more, and maybe seeing if he won't consider the patronage model, because I like me the patronage model, but regardless, I think this has a great way of setting a campaign world-- why are your heroes together? Because they're the last survivors of their town, they saved each other on the road, they ask no questions about their past. It's Walking Dead meets Pathfinder and it gets me all kinds of crazy excited. :)

Do me a favor. Sign up for this. Then sign up for Streets of Zobeck... but sign up! :D